Epoxy Floor paint

Epoxy Floor paint

1. Product characteristics.
It adopts imported curing agent 828 resin 128 resin, high quality solvent, high quality color filler, high quality conductive medium, BYK ( Bick ) additives, American gas company curing agent and other raw materials, refined through advanced technology process, is a high solid content, low viscosity two-component anti-static materials. It has a series of excellent features: good electrical conductivity. Excellent chemical resistance, can resist acid, alkali, salt liquid and petroleum products.
2. Usage instructions.
(1) Uses.
Applicable to electronic plants, communications, microelectronics plants, precision machinery plants, chemical plants and other industries need anti-static places, especially for the electrostatic requirements of sensitive electronic instruments, integrated circuits and other electronic components of the production workshop and storage area.
(2) Construction requirements.
Mixing: During storage, component A may have slight precipitation, mix component A well before mixing; proportionally pour component A/component B into the mixing barrel and mix evenly for construction. (Note: When pouring the mixture, do not allow the wall and bottom of the barrel to scrape the adhering mixture to prevent the possible uneven mixing).
Construction methods:
1) Base coat: use base coat to achieve uniform film formation.
2) Mortar layer: use middle coating, mix quartz sand construction to the required thickness.
3) Conductive middle coating: use anti-static primer to roll on the middle coating.
4) Top coat: use antistatic top coat, mixed material rolled or sprayed on the closed antistatic middle coat.
Construction conditions: water content requires less than 8%, relative humidity below 55%, rainy days or relative humidity above 85%, or the temperature is below 10℃, should avoid construction recommended dosage: 0.15 -0.5kg/m 2.
3. Caution.
Sealed storage: in a cool and ventilated place, moisture-proof and sun-proof.
This product is a chemical, swallowing is harmful or fatal, if swallowed should immediately seek medical advice. If splashed in the eyes accidentally, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately in serious cases. Pay attention to take precautionary measures, fire and explosion prevention, and the disposal of residues should comply with the safety regulations of relevant countries or local governments.

Technical specifications:

Color: customizable

Drying time (determined by actual temperature): Surface drying: 8h; Actual drying: 30h

Specification: Component A: 24KG; Component B: 6KG

Application Scenarios

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